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foundr kickstarter campaign

How Foundr brought their book to life with a Kickstarter campaign

By Anthony Murphy / December 7, 2016

Starting a business? Thinking about it? Startup veteran? Or are you just looking to improve your company? Right now we’re living in the golden age of entrepreneurship where the rules of the game have changed — there has never been a better time in history to start or be building a business. But with so […]

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social media iphone

Why social media is vital for your business and its future success

By Anthony Murphy / November 21, 2016

Just how important is social media for the success of a business in 2016 and beyond? We hear so much these days about how businesses should have a social media presence. Why? Does your business need to be on social? Maybe you have so much work coming in already that you don’t think you need […]

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Snapchat for Small Business

By Anthony Murphy / November 7, 2016

Recently, I was asked to make my next blog about Snapchat. I was asked by a successful entrepreneur and business owner because she was still unsure about the platform and how it all works. (I hope that this blog provides a lot of value for her!) Now there is a fair chance that if you […]

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small business

Small business is leaving $50 billion on the table

By Anthony Murphy / October 12, 2016

  If you work in or around small business, I’m sure that you have heard it mentioned that every business should have a website and be on social media. Correct? The question many people ask is why? It takes hard work… Running a small business is hard. It takes blood, sweat, tears plus a lot […]

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producers and consumers

Producers and Consumers of Social Media

By Anthony Murphy / September 29, 2016

Let’s look at the different types of people that use social media on a daily basis! There are 2 types…   Producers and consumers.   Producers of social media   The first are the producers and they are the minority. Producers are the types of people that use social media for particular types of personal or […]

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social media

How to make money from your social media accounts

By Anthony Murphy / August 4, 2016

Just before you clicked on this post or directly after, you will probably check any number of your social media accounts… You may even get hit with a few notifications while you are reading this. Have you ever thought about how much attention your posts get? The number of followers, like and shares you get? […]

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start business

The best time to start a business is when you have a job!

By Anthony Murphy / May 17, 2016

Start a business when you already have a job? Sounds like a stupid thing to do right? Maybe not if your not passionate about your job? Maybe it’s not bringing in enough cash. Either way you should consider yourself very lucky. You have the ability to set funds aside in order to start your business! You […]

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online business

4 reasons to start an online business today!

By Anthony Murphy / May 9, 2016

There has never been a better time to start an online business! That’s a fact! Here’s why…   1 – Technology It has long since reached a point where anyone can decide to start an online business, build a website, start marketing their wares and make a very tidy income! It’s all laid out for […]

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video in your business

OFB024: An introduction to live streaming and how to master your next broadcast!

By Anthony Murphy / March 22, 2016

  In this episode of the podcast, we are jumping into the relatively new and for some people terrifying world of live streaming! Live Streaming adds a whole new dimension to social media and video based content and it’s really starting to gain people’s attention! One of the first live streaming apps to launch on […]

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