OFB033: Scott Parker has a passion for coffee and turned that passion into his very own business!

In this episode of the podcast, we are talking all things coffee, business and following your passion.

Today we have Scott Parker on the show. Scott has worked in the coffee industry for the past 6 years. He is motivated and determined to turn his passion into a business of his own! Scott spends his time making coffee for the coffee lovers of the Goulburn Valley (Australia), as well as talking about coffee, thinking about coffee, reading about coffee and dreaming of coffee. You’ll find when you strike up a conversation with Scott, somehow the conversation always leads to coffee. Scott has travelled overseas to visit coffee farms where he experienced the whole process from plant to cup; from picking the coffee berries to brewing the coffee at the end of the chain. His latest expedition was to Nepal where the coffee farm had a magnificent view of the Himalayas!
Scott’s plans for the future include absorbing and gaining further knowledge of everything coffee, building his business and sharing the joy he has experienced with others who appreciate a well crafted coffee!

Let’s jump straight into the show! Are you ready to become…Open for Business?

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